2022-23 University Catalog 
    Jun 14, 2024  
2022-23 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Applied Statistics Minor

The Minor in Applied Statistics is open to students in all majors and is specifically recommended for those students who wish to pursue graduate school or work in research. Students pursuing the minor will have enhanced statistical skills and a deeper understanding of statistics than what is received in one or two introductory courses. A minimum of 18 credits is required to complete this minor, 8 credits from required courses and 10 credits from elective courses.

Curriculum List

Students are advised to consult an advisor from the Mathematics Department of select upper-division mathematics courses that would be most applicable to their major and/or career goals.

  1. A minimum of 18 credits (all earned with grade of “C” or above) is required to earn the minor.
  2. Required courses: MATH 361 - Statistical Methods I  and MATH 362 - Statistical Methods II . In addition, at least 10 more credits of upper–division courses are needed from the lists below. Note that at least 4 credits of those must come from MATH/STAT courses listed below.
  3. At least 12 credits must be taken at OIT.



Not all courses are offered every term or every year.