2022-23 University Catalog 
    Jul 12, 2024  
2022-23 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Manufacturing Engineering Technology, BS

Degree Requirements

The Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering Technology requires completing 192 credit hours, as prescribed in the following curriculum outline. Several of these courses are titled manufacturing elective, and allow the student some flexibility to pursue specific career objectives within the manufacturing engineering field. Upper-division manufacturing engineering technology courses not specifically required for graduation, as well as selected upper-division mechanical engineering technology courses and other approved courses, may be used as manufacturing electives. Students should contact their advisor for specific details as to which courses qualify as manufacturing electives.

Engineering Science Elective

In order to satisfy the engineering science elective, the student must complete one of the following courses:


This map shows required courses for the degree and recommended terms to take each course (the term sequence is subject to change depending on transfer courses, AP/IB/CLEP credit, and course availability)


Degree Required courses and recommended terms during which they should be taken:

Freshman Year



Sophomore Year

Junior Year


Senior Year




Total for a B.S. in Manufacturing Engineering Technology: 192 Credit Hours

a Select 9 credits of Humanities electives and 9 credits of Social Science electives. ANTH 452  fulfills the remaining credits needed to satisfy the 12 credits of Social Science courses for the Baccalaureate general education requirements

b CHE 101  and CHE 104  should be taken if needed to adequately prepare for CHE 201  and CHE 204 . Any credits earned from these courses (CHE101/104) do not apply to the degree program. Consult with an academic advisor for further guidance

MECH 221 , MECH 222 , MECH 223  may be alternatively taken (as an entire sequence) to satisfy the ENGR 211  and ENGR 213  requirements

d Select one course from the following list: ENGR 212 , ENGR 355 , or MECH 318  

e Select either ENGR 445  or MGT 335  

Consult with an academic advisor or program director regarding available and appropriate MFG elective courses. Certain ENGR, MECH, and MET upper-division courses not already required for the program are also acceptable