2023-24 University Catalog 
    Apr 24, 2024  
2023-24 University Catalog

Engineering (Multiple Disciplines), MS

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Depending on their interest and career goals students can choose a multidisciplinary MSE, a specialized MSE, or a more classical MSE program such as the MSE in Electrical Engineering.

The multidisciplinary MSE program is designed as a highly customizable and modular MS engineering degree, which enables students to choose coursework from multiple disciplines to design specialties typically not available in the classical engineering MS degrees.

The flexibility in the MS in Engineering degree ensures a relevant, up-to-date educational experience, and the ability to meet urgent industry needs in multidisciplinary technical fields. The program is designed to provide maximum flexibility while maintaining academic rigor.

Program Design

The MSE is designed as a “Flexible/Multidisciplinary Engineering Degree.” As such, the students have the flexibility to customize the MSE to be highly relevant to their professional interests. The flexibility to design specialized or multidisciplinary degree programs is the defining element of the program and is what makes it such a close match to the interdisciplinary environment in today’s fast changing industries. Through a faculty advisory committee, coursework is personally customized for the student or industry partner company to best match the desired outcomes based on a thorough needs assessment.

Program Mission and Objectives

The MSE at Oregon Tech is designed to prepare engineering professionals with advanced knowledge and skills in high-demand multi-disciplinary engineering fields who are ready to assume a broad range of technical and leadership roles.

Student Preparation

Students should be prepared to start graduate engineering academic work. Typically, this means the successful new student has the following:
1. A baccalaureate degree in engineering, the physical sciences, or a related technical discipline.
2. Evidence of potential for graduate academic work, success or potential for success in industry, and demonstrated interest in their chosen specialty.

BS/MSE Concurrent Fast Track Degree (5 year Program)

Students enrolled in the EERE BS programs are eligible to apply for the concurrent Fast Track BS/MSE program. This enables students to potentially obtain both the BS and MSE degrees in 5 years.

MSE Coursework & Specialties

Students can complete a multidisciplinary program by taking courses in Systems Engineering, Research Methods & Innovation (covering peer-reviewed research, IP fundamentals, and technology commercialization), and one or more engineering disciplines including Electrical & Computer Engineering.

Multidisciplinary MSE Program

  • MSE (Multidisciplinary)
  • MSE in Systems Engineering

Engineering Discipline MSE Program

  • MSE in Electrical Engineering

Specialized MSE Programs

  • MSE in Embedded Systems
  • MSE in Automation, Robotics & Control
  • MSE in Optical Engineering
  • MSE in Power Engineering

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