2023-24 University Catalog 
    Jun 13, 2024  
2023-24 University Catalog

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Minor

The minor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E) is designed to equip students with the skills needed to work in or with innovative organizations, presenting innovation and entrepreneurship as an iterative process that originates with ideation and integrates business evaluation of concepts intended to either solve a problem or bring about desired change.  Focus is on the entrepreneurial mindset.

The I&E minor may be completed by students from any major and is especially recommended for students interested in innovation- and invention-based career paths and/or competing in Catalyze Klamath.  The minor will give students the opportunity to design a program of study that is relevant to their major program and their future career goals.

Requirements of Minor

The minor requires 24 credit hours, including three (3) required courses (9 credits). The remaining courses may be chosen, in consultation with their advisor, from the list below. 

Required Courses Credit Hours: 9


Additional prerequisites may be required. Students are encouraged to work with their advisor to identify those courses most relevant to their course of study.