2020-21 University Catalog 
    Sep 27, 2022  
2020-21 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Concurrent Accelerated BSREE/MSE

Students enrolled in the BSREE program with a record of academic excellence have the option of earning both a BSREE and a MS Engineering (MSE) degree with an additional year of study. The MSE is a flexible multidisciplinary master’s degree which is highly customizable to adapt to students’ interests and industry needs. Students can select between different tracks or specialties, with the possibility of obtaining a more classical or more specialized graduate degree based on the track selected. 

The accelerated and 4+1 options provide efficiency by allowing students to start their graduate level coursework in their senior year, and use some of these courses to simultaneously meet degree requirements for both the BS and MS programs. In the accelerated/concurrent program, students are awarded the BS and MSE degree concurrently at the end of their fifth year of study. On the other hand, in the 4+1 program, the BS degree is awarded in the fourth year, and the MSE degree is awarded in the fifth year. The accelerated option offers the most efficiency in terms of overall credit requirements. To be eligible for the accelerated and 4+1 options, students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0, and apply for admission into the graduate program by the end of Spring term of their junior year. 

Students pursuing the accelerated or 4+1 options follow the standard BSREE curriculum for the first three years, start their graduate coursework in their senior year, and complete the MSE requirements during their fifth (graduate) year, according to the following guidelines:

To meet BSREE requirements:

  • Replace 9 credits of undergraduate required or engineering elective courses with graduate-level courses (see MSE curriculum to select adequate courses based on desired MSE track)
  • Replace 3 terms of ENGR 465  with 3 terms of ENGR 597  

To meet additional MSREE requirements:

  • Research Methods and Innovation sequence (ENGR 511 , ENGR 512 , ENGR 513 )
  • Additional MSE required or elective courses (see MSE curriculum to select adequate courses based on desired MSE track)