2020-21 University Catalog 
    May 21, 2024  
2020-21 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Offices and Services

Administrative Offices (services may vary by campus location)

Educational Partnerships and Outreach

DOW E202
(541) 885-1844

Oregon Tech’s Office of Educational Partnerships and Outreach cultivates and maintains partnerships with area high schools, community colleges, and universities that result in increased access and smooth transitions for students. The office forges meaningful relationships with educational partners by connecting faculties, coordinating partnerships, participating in pathways and other local and statewide advisory boards and providing internal and external communication and promotion of partnerships. The office develops dual enrollment agreements with college and university partners, coordinates dual credit and other programs with high schools locally and statewide, manages and coordinates articulation agreements, and develops and manages other academic agreements. EPO is committed to promoting access and equity of higher education to students throughout the state via their dual credit programming and post-secondary pathway work.

Information about the work of Educational Partnerships and Outreach, dual enrollment with colleges and universities, dual credit with high schools and specific articulation agreements are available on the web page or by contacting the office.

High School Programs for College Credit

(541) 885-1844 Klamath Falls
(503) 821-1297 Portland-Metro
Dual Credit Program
The Dual Credit Program is a partnership between Oregon Institute of Technology and the participating high school to offer qualified high school students the opportunity to receive college credit from Oregon Tech. Oregon Tech is partnered with more than 150 high schools and offers more than 25 introductory college courses. The Dual Credit Program consists of college courses taught in the high schools by college level qualified high school instructors. These courses are offered as part of the regular high school curriculum with the option of registering for college credit from Oregon Tech. Dual Credit provides students with the opportunity to take college level courses, gain valuable skills, and develop study habits for college. Oregon Tech’s dual credit programming adheres to the Oregon Standards for Dual Credit and Sponsored Dual Credit.
Early OWLS Program
The Early OWLS Program (EPO) at Oregon Institute of Technology gives qualified high school students the opportunity to come to the Klamath Falls or Portland-Metro campus and take a college course for Oregon Tech credit. Students must be 14 years or older and are typically eligible to take 100- and 200-level courses. High school students must register through the Office of Academic Agreements.

The Dual Credit and HST Programs allow Oregon Tech to reduce the normal tuition fee by a considerable amount. Cost to the participating high school student is $100 per class for Dual Credit, and $25 per credit for EPO.

Affirmative Action, Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity

Office of Human Resources, Snell 108
(541) 885-1108

The Civil Rights Officer is charged with oversight and enforcement of Oregon Tech’s compliance with relevant federal, state and university civil rights statutes, regulations and policies. Complaints and grievances related to unlawful discrimination and harassment under federal and state Civil Rights Acts, the Rehabilitation Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and other federal or state anti-discrimination and employment laws are to be directed to the Officer for resolution. The Officer also coordinates Oregon Tech’s Equal Opportunity programs and activities which seek to maintain a learning and working environment that fosters diversity, inclusion and personal success.  Inquiries, requests for assistance, or grievances pertaining to Oregon Tech policies on discrimination, harassment, equal opportunity or access to programs and services should be directed to this office.


(541) 885-1990

Oregon Tech actively engages in assessment of both degree programs and broad institutional essential student learning outcomes (ESLOs). The Director of Academic Excellence and Executive Assistant, in conjunction with the Executive Committee of the Assessment Commission, leads the campus in these efforts. Assessment plans are developed for each undergraduate and graduate degree program focusing on program learning outcomes created by each academic department. The faculty for the program identify strengths and weaknesses in student learning and recommend plans for improvement through a continuous program improvement process. Information on assessment of student learning outcomes is posted on the Oregon Tech website. Oregon Tech faculty members also assess the ESLOs, which are intended to reflect common themes from departmental and program learning outcome statements. Information on assessment of ESLOS is posted on the Oregon Tech website at www.oit.edu/faculty-staff/provost/academic-excellence/GEAC/essential-studies/eslo .

Campus Safety

Cornett 231
(541) 885-1111

The Campus Safety department administers the university’s security and parking programs. The department promotes security on the Oregon Tech campus through emergency and non-emergency response services, problem solving, and enforcement of appropriate laws, rules and regulations. The Campus Safety department also provides service functions such as crime prevention and crime reporting programs. Campus Safety patrol officers are available 24/7 for any concern, including disability issues that need immediate resolution or assistance. Our “Night Ride” assistance program is also available for any person that needs an escort from one area to another on campus 24/7.

Geo-Heat Center

Boivin Hall, 102
(541) 885-1750

The Oregon Renewable Energy Center encompasses Oregon Tech’s Geo-Heat Center. Established in 1975, Geo-Heat is active in research, technical assistance and information services in geothermal direct-use, small-scale power generation and ground-source heat pumps. Research activities have included hydrology and geochemistry studies, district heating, down hole heat exchangers, heat pumps, agri-business applications, low temperature Rankine cycle power generators and resource assessment.

As funding allows, the Center provides technical assistance for geothermal projects in the area of equipment and materials selection, feasibility studies, design, troubleshooting and economic evaluations. The Center also provides training sessions and information dissemination regarding the direct applications of geothermal energy, small-scale power generation and ground-source heat pumps.

The Center also publishes technical papers, software and monographs on geothermal energy. Most publications are available on the Center’s website, and also through the National Geothermal Data System (NGDS). Archival publications are available through Oregon Tech’s library system. The staff has made presentations worldwide and gives tours of local geothermal installations. They are active in professional organizations such as the Geothermal Resources Council, the International Geothermal Association, International Ground-Source Heat Pump Association, and ASHRAE. An extensive Web site on geothermal energy is available at: www.oit.edu/orec/geo-heat-center .

Information Technology Services

(541) 885-1720
(541) 885-1470 Helpdesk/Service
(503) 821-1289 Portland-Metro Helpdesk

Information Technology Services provides computing and telecommunications resources for the Oregon Tech campuses. Primary service and support areas include e-mail and network storage for all students, faculty and staff; broadband network connectivity between all Oregon Tech buildings; and advanced technology services such as wired and wireless Internet connections, Internet 2 and interactive videoconferencing. In conjunction with Oregon Tech faculty, staff and students, ITS strives to offer the comprehensive and advanced technologies necessary to meet educational needs and to help facilitate instruction and research on the Oregon Tech campus.

Oregon Tech offers more than 500 computers available for student use on the Klamath Falls campus. The Portland-Metro campus is a laptop-required campus with resources like laptop specifications, financial aid, and helpful instructions found at www.oit.edu/portland-metro/college-costs/bring-your-own-device. ITS supports the computers and projectors in campus laboratories and classrooms to insure proper function and availability for faculty and students.

Library Services

(541) 885-1772

The University Libraries consist of the main library on the Klamath Falls campus, the Shaw Historical library, and the Portland-Metro campus library. The online catalog provides access to the library collections, while web-based databases offer students access to extensive online information sources. All electronic resources are available on both campuses and via remote access in order to promote student learning regardless of location. Research services include print and electronic reserves, inter-library loans, individual research assistance, and chat reference. Campus librarians offer class-related instruction in the use of the library and information resources, workshops on various topics, classes in research methods, and tours.

Klamath Falls Library
The Klamath Falls library, located on the first and second floors of the Learning Resources Center (LRC), contains print and electronic research materials, including government documents; access to thousands print and electronic journals; and unique digital and special collections. For librarian assistance, call (541) 885-1772 or email libtech@oit.edu.
Portland-Metro Library
The Portland-Metro library, located on the fourth floor of the Portland-Metro campus building, houses a print collection on-site focusing on local programs, and will request any other resources as needed. For assistance call (503) 821-1260 or email libtech@oit.edu.
Shaw Historical Library
The Shaw Historical Library, located on the second floor of the LRC, established in 1983 by Laurence and Dorothy Shaw, houses books, art, maps, manuscripts, photographs, and other materials on the history, cultures and natural history of the Land of the Lakes—South Central Oregon, Northern California, and Northwestern Nevada. The Journal of the Shaw Historical Library is available for purchase at the Oregon Tech bookstore. For more information call (541) 885-1686 or email Shawlib@oit.edu.

Marketing, Communications & Public Affairs

Snell Hall (Klamath Falls); and 2nd Floor, Administrative Wing (Portland-Metro)
(503) 821-1303; (541) 851-5480

The Marketing, Communications and Public Affairs Department (MarCoPa) at Oregon Tech is responsible for developing and implementing integrated outreach strategies designed to advance the university’s reputational capital and standing among a variety of constituents and audiences. This includes providing services to all segments of the university, from supporting academic departments in promoting their programs, to developing ad campaigns for student recruitment, to creating communications strategies that undergird our mission.

The department is responsible for the university’s brand position and identity. It works with academic programs and administrative departments throughout the university on marketing and advertising outreach efforts, and manages university-wide publications, video production, the university’s website, and social media. The department also serves as the public affairs office for the university, managing media relations, supporting legislative affairs, and providing executive communications and editorial support.

Oregon Renewable Energy Center

The Oregon Renewable Energy Center (OREC) was established by the Oregon State Legislature in 2001 to promote energy conservation and renewable energy use in Oregon and throughout the Northwest. This is accomplished through applied research, educational programs and workforce development, and technical assistance and information dissemination. The Center also encompasses Oregon Tech’s Geo-Heat Center. OREC draws its strong technical expertise from the Oregon Tech faculty, whose engineers and computer scientists have been involved in applied research in renewable energy for decades.


  • investigates renewable energy technologies and opportunities for using them
  • assesses which technologies are appropriate for particular circumstances
  • applies promising technologies with effective instrumentation and controls
  • evaluates technologies using testing and economic analysis
  • supports Curriculum Development and student learning experiences
  • informs the public through classes, educational materials, and technical data

Current OREC applied research and applications engineering projects focus on:

  • power conversion and storage – Testing renewable technologies such as solar, fuel cells, and geothermal heat pumps and developing control systems to smoothly integrate renewable technologies into existing facilities and electrical distribution networks
  • alternative fuel sources – Investigating electric and biodiesel power options for cars and trucks
  • green building technologies – Utilizing green building materials and techniques, and instrumentation, control and testing of buildings that use renewable energy instead of conventional power
  • grid integration of renewable energy sources (smart grid with smart buildings)

Pre-College Programs


Oregon Tech’s Youth Programs offers innovative and energizing pre-college educational outreach programs designed to encourage K-12 students to pursue educational and career goals in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The goals of our programs are to:

  1. increase understanding and interest in STEM careers among participants
  2. build confidence in their technical abilities
  3. introduce them to role models and mentors

Pre-College Camps

SUMMER STEM offers day and residential camps each summer designed to be an inclusive learning environment for young scholars to experience STEM education across multiple avenues in a collegiate setting. Curriculum varies each summer with multiple academic departments leading experiences. Young scholars have participated in activities ranging from bridge building simulations (Civil Engineering), to soap making (Chemistry), to coding Arduino systems, and understanding and experimenting with food psychology. Scholars are provided with field trips that highlight STEM in real life and share conversations with industry experts and thought leaders from a variety of STEM fields.

Registrar’s Office

Snell, Lower Level
(541) 885-1300

Major functions of the Registrar’s Office are the maintenance of student records, registration, Web services, grade processing, transfer credit evaluation and community college articulation, degree checking, graduation, scheduling, veterans’ services, enrollment certification and the catalog.

Academic Information
The class schedule, introductory pages to the Class Schedule and General Catalog contain information about academic regulations, registration instructions and college procedures and policies. Students should be familiar with this information. These documents can be found on the Oregon Tech Web site at www.oit.edu/registrar.
Student Records
The Registrar’s Office maintains information regarding academic progress, including grade reports and permanent academic records (transcripts). Students and alumni may request transcripts at any time.
The Registrar’s Office also collects and maintains accurate information about students, such as address, curriculum (major) and advisor’s name. Much of this information is required for local and state enrollment reporting and for accurate mailing addresses. Changes to personal data such as address or name should be reported to the office promptly.
Privacy Rights
Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, students are entitled to review records, files, documents and other materials that contain information maintained by the university. Students may challenge information considered inaccurate or misleading. A list of university records, the responsible custodians and the university policy on records are available in the Registrar’s Office.
Directory Information
The following information is considered Directory Information and may be made available to the public unless you restrict its release by written notice to the University Registrar by the last day to register or add courses for the current term.
Oregon Tech designates the following items as Directory Information: student name, current address, current telephone number, dates of attendance, classification (year in school), major field of study, most recent previous school attended, degrees and awards received (including dates), hometown, past and present participation in officially recognized activities and sports; and for members of athletic teams: age, height and weight.
The Registrar’s Office publishes the class schedule and registration instructions for each term on the Oregon Tech Web site at www.oit.edu/registrar. It also maintains class rosters for instructors and processes grades. Personal information, class schedules and grades, as well as unofficial transcripts, are on Oregon Tech’s Web for Student and also available in the office.

Strategic Partnerships and Government Relations

(503) 821-1247

The Office of Strategic Partnerships (OSP) and Government Relations promotes and oversees industry and government relationships at the Oregon Institute of Technology. The staff is responsible for campus-wide promotion of the University’s economic development mission by facilitating the external relationships that enable the University to contribute to the vitality of its campus regions and the state of Oregon.

The OSP has responsibility for:

  1. building long-term partnerships with businesses and industry associations that are crucial to Oregon Tech’s mission
  2. providing support to secure external funding by leveraging private sector partnerships for grants and sponsored projects
  3. proactively working with faculty to develop collaborations with industry that lead to sponsored projects, commercialization and entrepreneurial opportunities
  4. building an alliance of local, state and national support for Oregon Tech’s policy and funding priorities
  5. representing the University on strategic partnerships, industry affairs, and legislative advisory councils

The OSP collaborates with the Office of Sponsored Projects & Grants Administration and the Office of Innovation and Technology Transfer to determine Oregon Tech’s research priorities and align faculty research interests with industry, other universities, and economic development and research organizations. Operationally, the Office of Strategic Partnerships reports to the President to advance the University’s strategic priorities.

Business and Industry Partnerships
The Office of Strategic Partnerships assists Oregon Tech’s faculty at all locations to connect to industry partners and advisors to ensure that Oregon Tech’s courses integrate new technologies and are responsive to business needs for skilled professionals. Businesses throughout the Pacific Northwest, such as Intel, Pacific Power, Maxim, PCC Structurals, FLIR, Mentor Graphics, JELD-WEN, Kaiser, Providence and the Boeing Company, send their best and brightest to Oregon Tech for professional development so they can advance into engineering, technology, health care and management positions within their companies.
Oregon Tech’s business partners participate on Industry Advisory Councils, support students through internships and sponsored student projects, teach as adjunct faculty, recruit graduates for jobs, donate labs and equipment, and sponsor applied research. Oregon Tech could not fully execute its mission without the engagement and support of industry partners.
Oregon Tech is a member or partner with the Smart Grid Oregon, Drive Oregon, Oregon Solar Energy Industry Association, Renewable Northwest Project, Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center, Oregon BEST (Built Environment & Sustainable Technology), Manufacturing 21 Coalition, Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition, Gorge Technology Alliance, Technology Alliance of Oregon, Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership, Oregon Workforce Investment Board and several local workforce boards, Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium, Oregon Health care Workforce Institute, and the Greater Portland, Klamath Falls, Tualatin, and Wilsonville Chambers of Commerce.
Government Relations
Oregon Tech’s government relations activities support the university community’s vision “Oregon Tech will be a nationally recognized public polytechnic university delivering in-demand, industry-focused degrees and graduates ready to meet workforce needs in Oregon and the Northwest.”
Working with local, state and national elected and appointed leaders, Oregon Tech’s government relations efforts are focused on enhancing student and graduate success, continuing excellence in applied degree programs, providing statewide educational opportunities, advocating for state funding for educational resources and capital projects, and increasing service to the community.
Oregon Tech provides information to local, state and national legislators and policy makers on:
  • increasing access for rural and under-served students to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) degree programs
  • workforce development support for local industries, such as health care, energy, and manufacturing
  • education policy and reform including Oregon Tech’s initiatives to achieve the state’s and nation’s educational goals
  • financial aid and student access initiatives, with a focus on rural students and first-generation college students
  • re-authorization bills that impact Oregon Tech’s portfolio of programs
  • local, state, and federal competitive grants to enhance Oregon Tech’s degree programs and net-zero campus initiatives

Title IX

Title IX Office, Snell 108
(541) 885-1108

The Title IX Coordinator is charged with oversight and enforcement of Oregon Tech’s compliance with Title IX of the Education Amendments. Complaints of gender-based or sex-based discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual assault should be immediately reported to Oregon Tech’s designated Title IX Coordinator.

Auxiliary Services (services may vary by campus location)

Athletics, Recreation and Fitness

(541) 885-1634

The mission of the Oregon Tech Athletic Department and the Tech Fit Center is to facilitate growth and development of students. The department provides a broad-based athletic program that creates educational opportunities through the medium of competition at the collegiate level as well as the opportunity to benefit personal health and fitness to the campus community through the TechRec Center (Student Fitness Center) and educational classes. Oregon Tech’s Athletics, TechRec Center has many facilities, fitness and education opportunities. A free-weights room stocked with all the needed equipment is located downstairs on the east side. An eight-lane, 400-meter, all weather surface track and a lighted basketball court offers more outdoor recreation. Also, watch for a lawn volleyball net as it tends to move around campus. Oregon Tech competitive athletics teams include men’s and women’s basketball, cross country, soccer, golf, track and field; women’s volleyball, women’s softball, and men’s baseball. Tech also supports men’s and women’s Rugby programs as extramural sports.

The TechRec Center, Athletics, Intramural Sports, and Extramural Sports are funded by sales revenue (tickets, concessions, camps etc.), Incidental Fees, Oregon State Lottery funds, State General Appropriations, and contributions from the community through the Oregon Tech Foundation.

Competitive Athletic Teams
The Oregon Tech Athletic department is dedicated to preparing our student-athletes for professional and personal success in the real world by learning the values of integrity and excellence on the court, field, and in the classroom. To that end, we are committed to field teams with the talent and ability to compete at the top of the Cascade Collegiate Conference, as well as regionally and nationally in the NAIA while representing Oregon Tech with dignity and class. To date, Oregon Tech has brought home five NAIA National Championships in team sports – men’s basketball in 2004, 2008 and 2012; softball in 2011, and women’s cross country in 2018. The privilege of participation in intercollegiate athletics and dedication to team goals provides a classroom where students may experience the development of skills, sportsmanship, loyalty, self-discipline, and responsibility while learning the values of winning, losing, and competing. The Oregon Tech athletic program contributes to campus life by providing a focal point for social interaction, leadership development, involvement in peer support groups, and entertainment.
Intramural Sports
The Oregon Tech intramural program offers a variety of individual and team events in three divisions: men, women, and co-ed. We hope that our program and its diversity will invite each of you to participate in at least one event during the academic year. Call (541) 885-1634 for information about intramural sports programs or see the website for rosters and information.
TechRec (Student Fitness Center)
TechRec is a newly renovated student fitness center that will reopen summer 2020. For more information about workout facilities available to students, please call (541) 885-1634.

Bookstore, Tech Nest

College Union, 1st Floor
(541) 885-1050

The Tech Nest Bookstore is a full-service campus bookstore that offers a variety of textbook and course material options (purchasing new or used, rental, and digital). In addition to these textbook options, they also offer a price match program, matching prices with online retailers: Amazon, and Barnes & Noble (see store for full details). They also carry a wide variety of supply and accessory items: school, office, dorm supplies, scientific calculators, writing instruments, emblematic clothing and gifts, computer supplies, useful reference books, and others. The Tech Nest also has a book buy-back program that allows students to sell back books at the end of the term.

Online ordering is available through the bookstore website at oregontech.bncollege.com/shop/oit/home. You can place an order to pick up in store or have the item(s) shipped to you. The website allows students to order from the items in-store and a wide variety of other items for campus life, which are available only online. Students can also set up a revolving charge account at the bookstore, allowing students to make purchases using their student ID (see store or Cashier’s Office for full details).

The Tech Nest also has a book buy-back program that allows students to sell back books at the end of the term. Unlike other programs, students can sell back books every day as opposed to one time each term. The Tech Nest also sells mailing supplies such as stamps and packing materials, and packages can be shipped via Federal Express from the store.

Campus Dining

College Union, 2nd Floor
(541) 885-1076

Dining services, provided by Sodexo Inc., offer a dining program complete with services in several locations across campus, and menu selections that include just about every item you can imagine.

The Marketplace features a wide variety of fresh food designed to satisfy everyone’s appetite with food choices to rival restaurant favorites. The Bistro is a quick-serve coffee/espresso and light meals venue located on the first floor of the College Union. Duffie’s, located in the Purvine building, offers a variety of fresh items to get you going in the morning or for a quick pick-me-up between classes. The Night Owl, the residence hall snack bar, is open only at night and offers a selection of beverages and snacks to satisfy that late night hunger.

Document Resource Center

College Union, 1st Floor
(541) 885-1894

The DRC is a one-stop shop for printing and bulk mailing needs. Services are available to faculty, staff, and students.

Black and white, color, digital printing, as well as laminating, comb binding and gluing are available at low costs. Electronic job submission provides the campus with access to services and completed jobs can be delivered to campus mailboxes within 24 hours.

Mail services include bulk mailing; mail merge; folding and inserting; and postcard mailings. Special requests will be addressed on an individual basis. Hours of operation are 7 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday.

Housing and Residence Life

Housing Office Residence Hall, A151
(541) 885-1094

Housing and Residence Life encourages self-responsibility, a necessary ingredient for the accomplishment of academic, social, and personal objectives. Every attempt is made to provide an environment to accomplish this aim. Oregon Tech’s Housing and Residence Life program provides a vital aspect of a student’s educational experience, from support in the classroom to extracurricular activities designed to supplement in class learning. Emphasis is on providing accommodations that are attractive, safe, reasonably priced, and that offer stimulating programs that satisfy individual needs for privacy, community life, diversity in living arrangements, and educational growth. In the Housing Office, students can plan for a room, receive assistance with personal matters, consult with staff, make suggestions for improvements, discuss financial issues, and receive assistance for a variety of housing related concerns and interests.

Residence facilities at Oregon Tech are operated on a self-supported financial basis. Living on campus relieves the student of many time-consuming and expensive tasks, including driving to and from campus and preparing meals. With this extra time and financial savings, students can devote more energy to their studies, participate in non-academic learning experiences, and enjoy recreational and stress-relieving pursuits, making new and often lifelong friends.

Information about on-campus housing is sent to all students admitted to Oregon Tech. Students living on campus must sign up for the meal plan. Apply now to live on campus with us. Visit our webpage at www.oit.edu/campus-life/housing, click on Apply Now, and follow the 5 steps to apply for on campus housing!

Completed applications for on-campus housing received in the Housing Office by May 1st are guaranteed a space on campus for the upcoming academic year.

Room-and-Board Rates
Room-and-board rates at Oregon Tech are announced publicly after university approval. Current rate information and any other information concerning Housing can be obtained from the Housing and Residence Life Office, Oregon Tech, 3201 Campus Dr., Klamath Falls, OR 97601-8801, or online.

Student Services (services may vary by campus location)

Campus Life

College Union 107
(541) 885-1829

Campus Life is where students connect! We support the meaningful growth and development of Oregon Tech students throughout the life of their university experience. Through active partnership with our students, opportunities are created for hands-on learning, self-discovery, leadership, teamwork, diversity, community service, and social justice in an environment that is rewarding, energetic, and fun.

Campus Life oversees the following resources and areas:

Community Service
Campus Life has information available to connect students to ongoing service projects with local agencies in Klamath Falls. The department also coordinates monthly projects that take place on campus and in our local community. In addition, we sponsor annual spring break and summer break service trips and take a group of students to serve outside of our local area. Join the mobile community and find out how to serve at www.noblehour.com/oregontech.
Family and Alumni Weekend
Family and Alumni Weekend is open to all Oregon tech students, faculty, staff, alumni, and their families! Bring your children, siblings, parents, grandparents, partners, and friends and join us for the weekend!
Leadership Development
Through the Leadership Academy, Campus Life provides an opportunity for students to integrate a variety of experiences across campus into their leadership development. The program includes opportunities for student development in the areas of communication; teamwork & service; diverse perspectives; wellness; professional development; and campus life. The workshops are free and open to all students.
Week of Welcome (NSO)
New Student Orientation’s Welcome Week is held each year immediately proceeding fall term classes. It is designed to help new students acclimate to Oregon Tech, meet their fellow students, and feel ready for the start of a successful year. The events range from social mixers to small-scale activities to informational sessions, and many meal sharing opportunities. All incoming students are welcomed with Oregon Tech gear. Any student who begins in winter and spring terms are encouraged to stop by Campus Life to receive their gear, learn about how to get connected, and enjoy a personal welcome from the staff.

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)

Student clubs and organizations add another important dimension to life on campus. Almost half of the approximately 60 clubs are related to various academic disciplines and provide opportunities for students to meet, study, and take part in professional development opportunities such as conferences and competitions related to their majors. Clubs and organizations also work together to support service learning by participating in a variety of community service projects at home and abroad. Clubs are also linked to special interests, sports, recreation, and cultural, spiritual, and social activities.

In addition, there are nine student programs, which are larger student organizations, that exist to provide resources to a specific constituency of students. Student Programs have office space on campus, paid student leader positions, and a budget allocation each year.

ASOIT (Student Government)
The purpose of ASOIT is to supplement the social, cultural, physical, and educational interests of its members, and to represent the individual and collective interests of the students of Oregon Tech. The membership consists of all admitted students at Oregon Institute of Technology holding a current, valid student ID card.
Campus Activities Board
The purpose of the Campus Activities Board (CAB) is to provide a wide array of activities, opportunities, and entertainment for all students, taking into consideration their expressed wishes, interests, and needs. A broad array of events has been offered to students including bands, comedians, student talent shows, lectures, discount bowling and movie nights, and homecoming week.
Outdoor Program (OP)
The Oregon Tech Outdoor Program (OP) is a student-funded and student-led organization that allows students to enjoy fun activities and the beautiful scenery that surrounds them for an extremely low and reasonable price! Past trips have included: camping, rafting, skiing, mountain biking, and skydiving. In addition to sponsoring trips, the OP also offers low-cost rental equipment for a variety of outdoor activities.
Residence Hall Association (RHA)
Each student living on campus is a member of the Residence Hall Association (RHA). This organization works with the Residence Life staff to promote, organize, coordinate and implement programming during the academic year. RHA sponsors everything from “Spring Fling” to movie nights. The RHA is funded in part through incidental fees and belongs to the residents.
Student Veterans Program (SVP)
The members of the SVP are dedicated to satisfying the needs of any veteran of the Oregon Tech and KCC community during and after their time as a student, staff, or faculty. With the direction of the elected officers of SVP, the support of KCC Veterans Club, and the assistance of the Campus Veterans Service Officer (CVSO), the SVP shall reach out to the greater Oregon Tech and Klamath community and seek ways of building friendships and partnerships that are based on the same honor, duty, loyalty, and selfless service instilled in all veterans.

Student Media

The EDGE - Student Newspaper
The Edge is student led and student read. Oregon Tech’s student newspaper, The Edge, is a weekly publication written by students from all majors and produced by a student staff. It is published during fall, winter, and spring terms, with a satirical edition, The Ledge, published once per term.
KTEC Campus Radio Station
89.5 FM
KTEC hit the milestone of their 65th year of operation in the spring of 2017 and is the oldest FM station in Southern Oregon. KTEC is operated by student staff and volunteers, and is programmed to serve the interests of the Oregon Tech student body and the Klamath Falls community.
Oregon Technical Broadcasting (OTB)
OTB is the student-run video production program at Oregon Tech. OTB films campus events, creates a YouTube vlog series, and provides video services to campus organizations upon request.

Career Services

Klamath Falls: LRC, 219
(541) 885-1020

Portland-Metro: Room 131
(503) 821-1155
Career Services works in comprehensive ways to support Oregon Tech’s students and alumni into developing and achieving their career goals. Services include: individual career advising; workshops and classroom presentations on resume writing, job interviewing, job search, and applying to graduate school; on-campus employer recruitment, career fairs, career resource materials, and a website with information on a wide range of career topics.

Career Services also offers all students and alumni the Handshake website, a centralized job portal where employers connect with students for on-campus jobs, part-time off campus jobs, internships, and career positions.

College Union

Information Desk
(541) 885-1030

The College Union is the center of student activity on campus. Located within the Union are the student government offices, Campus Life, the Treehouse, Student Services staff, Campus Dining operations, The Edge student newspaper, the Tech Nest bookstore, the Outdoor Program, the Student Veterans Program and lounge, and the main campus auditorium. In addition, there are comfortable study and lounge areas and meeting rooms for both student and community use. Coffee house functions, lectures, special classes, shows, dances, and movies are among the typical events scheduled in this facility.

For information about using space in the College Union or to make a reservation, contact the CU Information Desk located on the lower level, south of the main entrance.

Disability Services

Klamath Falls: LRC 229C, (541) 851-5227
Portland-Metro: Room 432, (503) 821-1305

Oregon Institute of Technology is committed to accommodating the academic and programmatic needs of qualified students with disabilities. Students with a documented disability who require assistance or academic accommodations should contact the office of Disability Services at access@oit.edu immediately to discuss eligibility, to ensure timely provision of services. Please contact the Disability Services office at the campus closest to you: Klamath Falls (541) 851-5227 or Portland-Metro (503) 821-1305. Specific information and Disability Services forms can be found at www.oit.edu/academics/ssc/disability-services.

Integrated Student Health Center (ISHC)

Phone (541) 885-1800
Fax (541) 885-1866

The Integrated Student Health Center (ISHC), located at the main campus in Klamath Falls, provides general medical care for illnesses and accidents, medical referral, counseling and wellness programs. Students taking six or more on-campus credit pay the Student Health fee each term, which covers most services offered by the clinic (including counseling, medical appointments, and a variety of other services). Students with less than six credit hours can utilize ISHC services by paying the student health fee. Students at the Portland-Metro campus also pay a Student Health fee, which funds a full-time counselor on-site.

Health Requirements to Register
Newly admitted students must complete the following health requirements upon admission (note: International students must complete a similar process prior to coming to campus; work with your Admissions Counselor to provide the required information). Failure to complete these requirements will result in a “health hold” on the student’s account, affecting a student’s ability to conduct Business Office transactions and to register or make changes to your courses. Once students are admitted, they will be able to access the Student Health Portal, located in TECHweb, under the “Student Resources” tab. After confirming their date of birth, students will need to do the following:
  • access the required forms by clicking on “Forms”
  • complete the “Health History Form” and “High Risk Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire” by clicking on the hyperlinks
  • acknowledge “Privacy Practices” and “Consent for Treatment” by clicking on their links
  • click on the “Immunizations Page in EMF Forms” hyperlink, and provide the dates that you received 2 doses of the Measles or MMR vaccine.
  • two doses of measles/mumps/rubella vaccine (MMR) are required for all full-time college students born on or after Jan. 1, 1957.The first dose must be given after the first birthday. The second dose must be after 1989.*

This requirement is supported by: Oregon Administrative Rule 333-050-0130 and the American College Health Association Guidelines: Recommendations for Institutional Pre-matriculation Immunizations, April 2014.

Medical Clinic Services
Oregon Tech’s ISHC health care providers are committed to providing high quality, personalized care. The medical clinic is staffed by a physician, advanced practice nurse, registered nurse, and a psychiatric nurse. Diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses, birth control and emergency contraception, routine laboratory procedures, immunizations, wart removal, gynecological exams, minor surgery and care of minor injuries are some of the services provided. Major emergencies are referred to Sky Lakes Medical Center adjacent to the Klamath Falls campus. Referrals are made to specialists as needed. Visits are free with low costs for medications, laboratory work, immunizations, and some treatments.
Counseling Services
Counselors are available to discuss personal, academic and career concerns. Crisis services are available and referrals are made to community resources if needed. Sessions are confidential and are provided free of charge to students enrolled for six or more on-campus credits. Testing is also available for Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder for additional fees.

Personal counseling focuses on concerns such as self-esteem, relationship issues, academic performance, family difficulties and troubled sleep. Some specific issues dealt with are: depression; anxiety, substance abuse, suicide, conflicts with parents, spouses or children; loneliness; dating problems; study skills; coping with past or present abusive situations; and grief. A psychiatric nurse practitioner is available for psychotropic medicine management.

Wellness Programs
A Health Educator is on staff to assist students in staying healthy and fit while attending Oregon Tech. Free individual appointments are available for personalized health and fitness programs, BMI testing, nutrition education and smoking cessation. Awareness events and health promotion programs are also provided on a regular basis campus-wide. Please call the ISHC to make an appointment or learn more about various campus-wide wellness activities.
Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)
SHAC serves as an advisory committee to the ISHC and a voice to the administration about student health concerns. All students are welcome to apply to join this committee. Call or visit the ISHC to apply.
As indicated previously, students taking six or more on-campus credit hours pay a Student Health fee each term. This fee entitles students to services offered by the medical clinic, counseling and wellness programs. Other students can use the center if they pay the health fee. Office visits are free for illness and injury, evaluation, treatment, questions and other reasons. However, additional charges may be necessary for medications, treatments, supplies, immunizations and laboratory tests. Costs for these services and supplies are kept well below the market price for student affordability. No cash is necessary at the time of visit and no insurance is required. All medical expenses rendered outside the ISHC from private physicians, laboratories, or hospitals are the student’s financial responsibility.

Multicultural Affairs

College Union, 2nd Floor
(541) 885-1011

Multicultural Life is committed to ensuring that Oregon Tech is a community where everyone is valued and respected, and diverse backgrounds and beliefs are honored. It is responsible for the development, coordination, and administration of programs and initiatives, which promote an inclusive multicultural student community. The office supports multicultural clubs and programs on campus and provides advising to students from underrepresented communities.

Project Unity
Project Unity’s mission is to mentor and empower underrepresented students of Oregon Tech, guide and strengthen identities, and build a vibrant multicultural community among first-year students. We aim to help students explore their own identities (e.g. sexuality, gender, race, ethnicity, class, etc.) while also helping them acclimate to campus.
Our vision is centered on a deeper understanding and appreciation for diversity, inclusivity, and equality for the people of Oregon Tech, Klamath Falls, and the world at large. Our mission is to provide programs, education, events, physical space, support and advocacy to the peoples of Oregon Tech, to work actively against oppression, hate, sexism, racism, inequality and other injustices, and promote a safe and welcoming environment for women, people of color, the LGBTQIA+ community and other diverse groups.
The Treehouse is a student-led organization under Multicultural Life that focuses on spreading awareness and inclusivity mostly through the organization of student events. The Treehouse is responsible for helping plan, advertise, organize and lead student events focused on increasing a deeper understanding and appreciation for diversity, bringing people together, while making something happen on campus and in people’s lives.

Student Affairs

College Union, 2nd Floor
(541) 885-1011

The Student Affairs Office is the office location for the Vice President for Student Affairs and the Dean of Students, and the Executive Assistant. The division of Student Affairs provides direct service to students in the following offices: Athletics, Campus Life, Campus Safety, Career Services, College Union, Housing & Residence Life, the Integrated Student Health Center, and the Student Success Center, which is composed of Disability Services, Testing and Peer Consulting Services, and TOP (a Trio program).

The Vice President for Student Affairs and her staff maintain close relationships with all Oregon Tech students, including the Klamath Falls campus, Portland-Metro campus, Online, Salem, Seattle and student organizations. Student Affairs staff are available for consultation and collaboration on all matters pertaining to student well-being and success.

Student Success Center (SSC)

Learning Resources Center, Room 228
(541) 851-5179

The Student Success Center (SSC) is a multi-purpose department designed to enrich learning, teaching, and student success at Oregon Tech. The SSC consists of Peer Consulting (Tutoring), TOP, Disability Services, and Testing. The SSC helps students succeed by providing effective academic assistance, support, and resources through promotion of student learning, personal growth, and programs designed to enhance achievement, retention, persistence, graduation, and post-graduate success. The SSC provides peer tutoring for matriculated Oregon Tech students, academic success (ACAD) classes, accommodations for students with disabilities, test proctoring, as well as many other services to support students, staff, and faculty in an effort to facilitate student success at Oregon Tech. The SSC also functions as the University Testing Center by offering testing, distance testing, placement testing, test proctoring, and other standardized testing programs.

The SSC is an integral part of Oregon Tech’s student success initiatives and strives to provide effective programs and services to create a welcoming, supportive, and successful campus.

Tech Opportunities Program - TRIO

Learning Resource Center, Room 228
(541) 885-1125

The Tech Opportunities Program (TOP) is a federally funded TRIO program designed to assist first-generation students, low-income students, and student with disabilities in completing their degrees at Oregon Tech. TOP staff work closely with students to comprehensively assess academic and financial needs and to develop personalized plans for college success.

Participants may be eligible for a variety of academic support services, including group and/or individual tutoring, peer mentoring, networking with other students, college-success workshops and classes, supplemental academic advising, and limited financial assistance. Learn more about TOP at www.oit.edu/academics/ssc/tech-opportunities-program .

Testing Services

Klamath Falls: LRC 230, (541) 885-1791

Portland-Metro: Room 429, (503) 821-1263

Testing Services provides a quiet and secure testing center for all of your testing needs. The testing center is certified by the NCTA and is a CCTC participant. It provides trained professional proctors and can provide assistance of a reader or scribe if required by the test-taker.

Peer Consulting Services

Klamath Falls: LRC 233, (541) 851-5226

Portland-Metro: Room 429, (503) 821-1263

Peer Consulting is a completely free academic support service available to all students of Oregon Tech. Our goal is to provide assistance in all areas, majors, and courses offered at Oregon Tech. Peer Consultants are Oregon Tech students who have taken the same classes you have and have earned a B or better in their areas of expertise. Peer Consultants can help clarify ideas, concepts, theories, and skills your professors are teaching in class. Students can schedule an appointment or drop-in during open hours. To view the schedule and hours, please visit our website.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a new academic support service offered through the Peer Consulting Center. SI identifies historically difficult courses and provides peer assisted study sessions to enhance student success. The students who facilitate SI study sessions are called SI Leaders and are trained in collaborative learning techniques. Students who regularly attend SI study sessions will improve their critical thinking skills, establish positive studying techniques, and are more likely to pass their courses successfully. For a list of courses supported by SI, please visit our website.

University Development

Hoss Business Center
(541) 885-1130

The University Development Department is charged with providing financial support of Oregon Tech’s mission by connecting donors, alumni, and friends with philanthropic opportunities at the university in partnership with the Oregon Tech Foundation. University Development works to build positive relationships with students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the university to enhance and create opportunities that foster a tradition of philanthropic support. University Development engages in initiatives and activities that embody institutional values and position Oregon Institute of Technology among the nation’s leading technological and health professions universities. Fundraising, alumni relations, community outreach and other activities serve to promote the distinctive role and numerous educational, research and public service contributions of Oregon Tech throughout our communities, the nation, and internationally.

The Oregon Tech Alumni Association

(503) 821-1145

The Alumni Relations office promotes interactions and loyalty of alumni and currently enrolled students toward Oregon Institute of Technology. Services and activities include regional social events, student activities, reunions and continuing education programs. Alumni have the opportunity to keep in touch with other alumni through the university’s alumni Web page and other means of communications regarding their academic major and Oregon Tech.

The Oregon Tech Alumni Association, established in 1949, is guided by the Alumni Advisory Board and exists to support and promote Oregon Tech as a premier learning institution and to provide a structure for alumni affiliation. Membership is free and automatic to anyone who has completed at least 90 credits at Oregon Tech. Areas of special interest for the Alumni Association include assisting the university with new student recruitment activities, career networking, social and educational activities and the financial support of Oregon Tech. The Alumni Association is an affiliated organization of the Oregon Tech Foundation.

The Oregon Tech Foundation

(541) 885-1130

The Oregon Tech Foundation was established to support the educational, cultural, charitable, and service activities of Oregon Institute of Technology through philanthropic support. Established as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, the Foundation is a separate legal entity from the University and is the designated charitable arm of the University.

The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors that represents a broad range of community leaders, alumni and private benefactors. The Foundation board of directors is tasked with management and growth of the assets of the Foundation and for participating in fundraising efforts of Oregon Tech.

The Foundation has enriched the University and student life by combining their efforts with the Oregon Tech administration and community leaders to accomplish some of the most notable projects on campus:

  • Martha Anne Dow Center for Health Professions
  • Jesse A. Crabtree Civil Engineering Learning Plaza
  • Danny Miles Court floor and scoreboard replacement
  • Shaw Historical Library
  • John F. Moehl football stadium

Enabling Oregon Tech to build a great university and maintain an unparalleled level of excellence for students, the Foundation annually provides approximately $1 million to Oregon Tech. The Foundation provides student support through numerous scholarships, innovation through student projects, hands-on experiences with equipment in modern classrooms, labs, and buildings, and providing a professional network through alumni relations.

The Foundation works closely with its affiliated organizations, including the Oregon Tech Alumni Association and the Shaw Historical Library.