2023-24 University Catalog 
    Jun 13, 2024  
2023-24 University Catalog

Chemistry Minor

Oregon Tech offers a minor in chemistry to students in all majors interested in deepening their knowledge of chemistry, the “central science”. A minor in chemistry allows students the opportunity to gain understanding of chemical phenomena, become proficient in techniques, and develop their abilities applying fundamental chemistry concepts to more complex problems in fields from medicine to renewable energy to materials science. A chemistry minor can help prepare students for graduate school, medical school, or professional laboratory or research work.

The minor includes a required core of one year of general chemistry and one term of organic chemistry. Students must then choose 16 credits of chemistry electives to complete the minor. Of these electives, 12 must be upper-division and at least 8 must be CHE courses. A minimum of 16 credits applied towards the minor must be earned at Oregon Tech.

Students wishing to pursue the minor in chemistry should consult with both their primary academic advisor and a chemistry minor advisor.

Requirements of Minor

Required Core Courses (17 - 19 credits):

Elective Courses

(16 credits required; at least 12 must be upper division (300-level or higher) and at least 8 must be CHE courses) At least 6 elective credits must not be counted towards a major (or another minor or program) as required courses or technical electives: